June's theme is: VITALITY

I’m sure you have those days, too. The ones where everything is more vibrant, everything feels easy, and you can feel the pulse and vitality of your active being. Of course, it’s all about perspective, right? I know I feel such a surge of vitality right after being sick. The gratitude that comes after feeling oh-so-not-vital is euphoric. On the flip side, we can always…

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What nourishes you?

We often think of nourishment in the form of food. It's a full time job these days staying on top of the most nourishing diet. Have you made sure you're getting enough Omega 3s, nettles, turmeric, flax seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, dark leafy greens, healthy fats, blue green algae, and maca powder in today? And that's just..

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April's Theme is RENEWAL

"Did you know over 300 billion new cells are produced by our bodies each day? Talk about a brilliant system of renewal! For me, this is a great reminder that we have 300 billion opportunities each day to renew ourselves and re-create or re-imagine the being we'd like to be.

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Richard Mark