Our Story


It started as a daydream….Was it possible to create a space where bodies of every shape and ability are welcomed and supported without judgment? Was it possible to establish a community interested in embodying their systems with fullness? Was it possible to provide a space to encourage, nurture, and educate people about how to connect with the evolving organisms of their bodies?


And now….I’m proud to say, “YES! It is.” We opened our doors in 2010, and haven’t looked back since. We are proud to support each person that walks through our doors as the individual they are, with unique and varying needs. We never superimpose prescribed formulas or protocols that may have worked for someone else. You are the only you in the world, and our aim is to meet your aspirations with attention, exceptional care, and highly skilled knowledge from our areas of expertise. We are so grateful for our Happy Body community that continues to grow and deepen in its maturity and wisdom. Cheers to the ever evolving journey ahead!



Happy Body Principles

  1. We will strive to create a space in which bodies of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and ages will be welcomed and feel supported.
  2. As practitioners and educators, we will strive to meet each individual with focused attention, exceptional care, and skilled knowledge in our specific area(s) of expertise.
  3. We will continue to remind each other that we inhabit dynamic and evolving organisms, and the needs for these organisms continue to change throughout our lives. Our aim is to provide the support and education needed for people to feel happiest in their bodies, regardless of life circumstance, age, or ability.
  4. We will strive to embody all the emotional, physical, and otherwise states of being, because acknowledging them helps to create balance and communication throughout our whole system.
  5. We will adhere to our scope of practice and work to refer you to other competent professionals when needed.
  6. We will strive to create an environment in which the words “happy” and “body” can coexist together with integrity and sincerity.
  7. In any service we provide, we will hold the mindful integration of body, brain, spirit, and emotions in the forefront of what we offer. We recognize that we are not arbitrary pieces strung together, but a composition of brilliantly integrated pieces and dynamic systems that rely on ease of communication for vitality, health, and wholeness.


Team Happy Body