Private Group Yoga & Mini-Retreats

Wedding & Special Event Yoga

It all started when… you decided to invite your wedding party and wedding guests to join in for some pre-wedding yoga! Why not enjoy moving your body before your big day and convince your guests to put down their drinks for an hour (or not) and give them a positive experience outside of their comfort zone? Fill out the form below giving us some details and we will get you set up with a private group session either here in our studio or at your location for your special weekend here in Asheville.

Custom Restorative Yoga & Aromatherapy Mini-Retreats

These luxurious, small-group experiences blend deeply relaxing yoga poses—all supported by props and designed to help the body let go of tension—and the ancient ritual of aromatherapy offered through breathing practices and gentle massage. The magical combination invites participants to rest, release stress, recover balance in their bodies and systems, and connect deeply with themselves, one another, and the natural elements. We will thoughtfully craft a truly meaningful retreat to support an intention, align with the season, or reflect any other unique focus you choose.

Ideal size: 6-10 people; we’re happy to discuss the number you have in mind.

Typical timing: 2 hrs, but we can adapt to meet your needs.

Location: One of our Happy Body locations (depending on the group size), or we can bring the experience to your space.

Mini-Retreats for kids: We can also create shorter experiences for kids ages 8 and up.

Perfect for your wedding party, your work team, a birthday celebration, or any other special gathering.

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