Class Schedule

Our Pilates mat and equipment classes such as Pilates Reformer and Springboard Tower classes take place at our south studio on Hendersonville Rd. in the Fresh Market plaza. Descriptions for our equipment classes can be found at the bottom of this page.

Equipment Class Descriptions


Our Reformer classes are perfect for all students, but geared toward those who want a beginner to intermediate level class. Enjoy a moderate pacing of exercises to help you practice choreography and work at your own pace. We will layer difficulty levels throughout the class to help meet the needs of beginners and challenge students who are progressing into an intermediate skill level. If you have movement limitations or injuries, instructors will work with these needs.

Reformer with Props

Reformer with props is the same class as our Reformer class, but utilizing different props each week. You will find this class a great way to change up your reformer routine and explore new ways to get those muscles firing!

Springboard Tower & Combo Classes

Springboard Tower classes utilize the Pilates Springboard equipment to explore movement using the springs and a mat instead of a moving Reformer carriage.

Advanced Reformer

These classes are designed for movers with few limitations or injuries and requires the ability to kneel, flex and extend the spine, get down on the floor, and put weight on hands. You will find the pacing of class faster than our regular Reformer classes with techniques that are more challenging. Students should have enough experience with Pilates to be able to modify exercises as needed for their own comfort and safety. Private sessions are the best way to know how to make modifications for your specific issues.

Class Levels: S - Strengthening, I - Integrative, R - Restorative