Working with Us!

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Interested in joining the Happy Body work family?

Since our inception in 2010, Happy Body has maintained a great staff of positive, energetic, and compassionate instructors and practitioners which has made Happy Body the vibrant and thriving business it is today.

We typically hire engaging, personable, and motivated people with a strong desire to cultivate curiosity about their discipline as well as be open to learning about other disciplines. The benefit of working with brilliant people is to share our understandings with each other and pass that wealth of knowledge on to our clients.

Timing can be everything with applying with us, and a great start to becoming a member of our team is to visit the studio, take some sessions or classes, and perhaps connect with us on social media outlets. We value people who invest their time in learning about who we are and what we are are about. We have staff members who work from a few hours a week to full time. If your passion is in alignment with our passions, reach out to us and let's find out if we are a fit for each other!

Submit the form below, spend some time in our space, and let's see where this goes...