Self Care with Jessica, Gentle Yoga Series, Buff Bones 💪 and more in May!

Gentle Yoga 4 Week Series 
now offered Mondays and Thursdays in May!

with Nathalie

Nathalie has added Thursdays as a 4 week series option to our Gentle Yoga offering at Biltmore Village! Now you can join the 4 week series on Mondays in May, Thursdays in May or BOTH if you'd enjoy a lovely opportunity to practice twice a week. Each series of 4 classes is $75.
 These classes are perfect for all levels and safe for individuals with injuries.

Gentle Yoga Asheville
Buff Bones

Do you have concerns about bone density or balance?

We have heard your feedback and we are continuing the beloved 4 week Buff Bones Series in the month of May! Join Kara to learn how you can keep your bones and joints healthy through these simple and fun techniques. You can even incorporate them while in line at the grocery store!

The Buff Bones® system leverages bone-strengthening and balance techniques along with Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise. Toning your arms, hips, back and abs, Buff Bones also improves posture, is adaptable to varying levels, and is even safe for those with osteoporosis.

2:00 - 3:30p at Happy Body South 
*Series begins May 8th

Sat. 5/11: Self Care for the Neck and Shoulders 
with Jessica Mark

Using safe, comfortable positioning and gentle movement exercises, learn to recognize and engage the resources within your own body that allow you to heal and feel better rapidly. Excellent for anyone wishing to relieve pain, create balance, and increase ease of movement in the body. Begin to understand the principles of Ortho-Bionomy to facilitate self-correction and self-healing for a strong, pain-free, and resilient body.
 10:00-12:00p at Happy Body Biltmore Village

Self-Care Neck and Shoulders

Sat. 5/11: Intro to Ortho-Bionomy®  

with Jessica Mark

A great introduction to the work, this class covers the history, principles, and methods of Ortho-Bionomy®. Learn various methods to engage the self-corrective reflexes of the body through structural, fluid, and energetic techniques. Cultivate ways to allow the body to respond and increase communication with the whole. This class is part lecture and part hands-on practice.
2-5:00p at Happy Body Biltmore Village

Ortho-Bionomy Intro
Richard MarkHappy Body