I love how knowledgeable all of my instructors are here. It makes me feel so confident!
— Susan

I feel comfortable here. I feel welcome. No matter where I am at with my physical ability, I feel supported and encouraged to just be where I am today.
— Judy
Pilates spring boards

My body is amazing since I started doing Pilates at Happy Body. I was at the point that hips and shoulders (were) falling apart – I’ve seen so much improvement and I am out of pain! Not to mention I’m feeling stronger and agile.
— Maria

Happy Body changed my life, saved my life and even gave me a new body to boot. I gave Happy Body a try because I could not do Aerobic exercise due to a genetic lung disease. My doctors shake their heads and wonder. I don’t know what happened either but when I started at Happy Body 2.5 years ago I was a depressed and unfit mess. Not today!
— Gina

What I’ve learned in my Pilates classes carries with me throughout my daily life. I’m much happier with my posture and strength.
— Shelley

I have been pleasantly surprised that you can improve your strength and flexibility through Pilates and it can be a fun experience. I am amazed I feel new strength and challenge without grueling pain and discomfort.
— Steve
Whenever I first lay on the reformer, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and comfort for this alignment of my body. It just feels so good! Then the results of two times a week reformer work keep me motivated when I feel stronger arms, legs and abs. At 64, I feel 40! Happy Body has played a major part in this transformation.
— Jackie

I’ve learned not to judge where my body is in my fitness journey. To just do the best I’m able at any particular moment. Improvement will come.
— Andrea

As for Happy Body in general, I have seen that each instructor meets each student where they are, whether that is something as broad as being a beginner vs. advanced or something as transient as a good day vs bad. More specific to me, I have learned to slow down and consciously breathe in order to center myself and control my movement. I am happier in my body because I am not only stronger but more mindful.
— Kelleye
I understand my body like never before. I have tools to carry through my life
everyday. You are all inspiring because you are learning and sharing continuously!
— Laura
I recommend our patients to your facility because of your attention to body
mechanics and “core” principles. Also, that you keep your classes small so that you
can make the corrections needed for each client. You don’t push clients past their
— Joanne