We believe that the movement repertoire developed by Joseph Pilates is an amazing, complex, and – yes – adaptable approach to reminding the body how wonderful it can feel in motion. We cultivate resiliency through practice of strength, flexibility, breath, and awareness, as each of these are foundational pillars in Pilates technique. Whether you are new to Pilates or simply new to our studio, come explore new realms of possibility. 

A regular Pilates routine is known to increase core strength, improve coordination, balance, and stability. We find our Pilates clients here at Happy Body not only notice these benefits, they also share their success in improving posture, increasing body awareness, and overall strength. They enjoy having more energy throughout the day with less aches and pains, bringing greater confidence and stress relief!

We have helped many clients using Pilates for rehabilitation from knee and hip replacement surgeries, spinal surgeries, and traumatic brain injuries. We bring a combined total of 30+ years of Pilates experience to meet our clients where they are and help them reach their goals and find relief whether they are recovering from a surgery or injury, or are experiencing chronic pain. Pilates at Happy Body can help increase sports performance for athletes (including biking, running, tennis, dance, golf, and more), strengthening weak muscles and creating strong movement patterns to support your efforts. The body’s dynamic system can find relief and support in therapeutic Pilates work! Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals!

Private Pilates Session

55 MINUTES $69• 85 MINUTES $89 • 10 pack for $650

From the full array of the Pilates repertoire, including equipment and props, your instructor crafts a quality exercise sequence specific to your abilities and goals. Each initial private session includes a personal evaluation and a postural assessment.

Therapeutic Pilates

55 MINUTES $69 

The Pilates Method has its roots in rehabilitation. Our therapeutic sessions are designed to allow more time for depth of assessment and treatment. Clients gently re-educate their bodies to begin to find functional alignment, release dysfunctional patterns, discover ease and freedom of movement, and encourage stability and strength. Sessions include gait and postural analysis, hands on release techniques, and incorporation of proper body mechanics in everyday actions.

Semi-Private Sessions

55 MINUTES $42/person • 10 PAck $380

Enjoy added value and the benefit of moving with friends or family (2-4 people) with our semi-private sessions. 

Equipment Classes--Reformer and Springboard Tower

55 MINUTES $25 • 10 Pack $225 •  25 Pack $550

Enjoy the benefits of the Pilates equipment at an affordable price. Our equipment classes are Pilates Reformer and Springboard Tower focused. Registration is required, and we prefer that you have had experience on the machines or have completed at least 2 Private Pilates Sessions with us. 

Class registration required by phone, email, or online (minimum of 2 private Pilates sessions, or previous Reformer or Springboard Tower experience required.)



Our Reformer classes are perfect for all students, but geared toward those who want a beginner to intermediate level class. Enjoy a moderate pacing of exercises to help you practice choreography and work at your own pace. We will layer difficulty levels throughout the class to help meet the needs of beginners and challenge students who are progressing into an intermediate skill level. If you have movement limitations or injuries, instructors will work with these needs.

Reformer with Props

Reformer with props is the same class as our Reformer class, but utilizing different props each week. You will find this class a great way to change up your reformer routine and explore new ways to get those muscles firing!

Springboard Tower & Combo Classes

Springboard Tower classes utilize the Pilates Springboard equipment to explore movement using the springs and a mat instead of a moving Reformer carriage.

Advanced Reformer

These classes are designed for movers with few limitations or injuries and requires the ability to kneel, flex and extend the spine, get down on the floor, and put weight on hands. You will find the pacing of class faster than our regular Reformer classes with techniques that are more challenging. Students should have enough experience with Pilates to be able to modify exercises as needed for their own comfort and safety. Private sessions are the best way to know how to make modifications for your specific issues.


Mat Classes

55 MINUTES $15 • 10 PAck $135  • 30 Day unlimited $99

We offer a variety of mat classes to fit many different needs. Our experienced professionals provide top-quality instruction, adding fun, variety, and challenge for bodies at every level of engagement in all classes. 


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