Inspiration, our theme this month, comes from the Latin inspiratus, meaning “to breathe into”. I feel like this moment in our world is a perfect time to be reminded of what inspires us...what encourages us to be more awake and alive? This question can frequently be dismissive in our world of constant external pulls and never ending to-do lists. Consequently, my pattern is that I fatigue easily, get triggered with overwhelm, and feel like everything is dysfunctional (which then snowballs spontaneously into self doubt and criticism). Luckily, on my better days, I have learned to spot it sooner and head it off at the pass. 

One of my go to resources to change that pattern is to pause and take a moment, an afternoon, or a day to breathe in the nourishment. I literally take the time to pay attention to how I can draw in, soak in, gather in, and absorb the nature, people, experiences, and feelings into my cells. Otherwise, the beauty of the moments and connections pass me by, unnoticed, and it is a missed opportunity for inspiration to seep in. When cells don’t breathe in the nourishment, they don’t thrive. However, when cells intentionally seek out and pull in the sustenance, fuel is generated and life is sustained! 

Where do you find your inspiration? I hope you’ll take some time this season to breathe in (inspire!) that which nourishes you, because that space is where inspiration propagates, thrives, and spirals out to nourish others, carrying each of us forward on the journey. 

In gratitude for the multitude of ways each of you inspire me,



At Happy Body, we are inspired by our clients and by our very own, lovely team! At the end of August we had our annual staff meeting and enjoyed some much needed time to come together with laughter, good food, and inspiration to infuse our studios with positive energy and excitement as we move into the Fall season! We are so beyond grateful to have such a wonderful place to come to each day, and we hope to continue creating a space that feels fun, comfortable, and welcoming for all of you.

Take a look at some of the treats Jessica put together for us! Yum!...

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