June's theme is: VITALITY


June's theme is: VITALITY

Life Force

I’m sure you have those days, too. The ones where everything is more vibrant, everything feels easy, and you can feel the pulse and vitality of your active being. Of course, it’s all about perspective, right? I know I feel such a surge of vitality right after being sick. The gratitude that comes after feeling oh-so-not-vital is euphoric. On the flip side, we can always lament how vital we felt in our youth, but in comparison we can’t quite measure up to that vitality now. For many, vitality can easily be measured on a spectrum.

I have the pleasure of working with many wise people in the over 75 age range, and they are some of my best teachers. I confess that I take lots of notes on those that age with ease and those that struggle with aging. I have noticed one constant theme in those that age with grace and maintain their vitality. Each of them allows their understanding of vitality to change and evolve over time. Those that live in regret that they are unable to do what they could when they were 35 or 68 tend to live with many of their cells stagnant in the past. This creates a disassociation of fully being embodied in the present moment, and thoughts of “what have I done with my life?” can seep in. We can become too fixated on what we are not, or the things we can’t do, instead of being aware of what is happening now and what we are able to do and be today. 

I am paying attention and witnessing how to maintain vitality in relationship to my present age, abilities, and life circumstances. My hope is that as it continues to shift as the years progress forward, I can soak in the gratitude that my body has served me well, and embody the vitality it currently retains. I am breathing. I am connecting. I am sustaining my vital self by soaking in all the moments of humanness in my ever changing body, mind, and spirit.

- Jessica Mark 

Upcoming Workshops & Classes 

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What is a Restorative Reformer class like?

I love teaching the Restorative Reformer class because we take the time to bring our bodies back to a place of optimal mobility and alignment through release work, gentle stretching, and breath connection. By releasing our trigger points and tension patterns before strengthening, we create space in the body for new movement patterns and greater range of motion, which facilitates a more engaged and full of potential body. 

 I believe this work is so important for a healthy, mobile, pain free body, and for our longevity as happy humans.  - Alice Jane