A Warm Welcome to our New Pilates Instructors!

We are overjoyed to welcome two new Pilates instructors to our studio! Beth and Courtney are both available for private sessions and with their arrival,  we will be adding some new classes and private session times to our schedule! Check out their bios and classes below. Hooray!

Beth Salman

Beth Salman
Pilates Instructor

Beth Salman discovered Pilates in the mid 1990s when she walked past a newly opened studio on her way to work one morning. Hooked, she never looked back and was fortunate to train with some of the best Pilates instructors in Chicago. An enthusiastic and curious mover, Beth has danced, hiked, biked and cartwheeled her way through life and appreciates how Pilates has supported and enhanced at all those activities including the sitting she does for her job. She looks forward to starring in a viral 3D hologram still doing teasers as a 90 year old.

Beth is BASI comprehensive certified instructor.


Join Beth for Private Sessions and Classes!

Springboard (I) - 5:30p
Pilates Mat - 6:30p

Courtney Webb
Pilates Instructor

Courtney found her love of Pilates and saved her body while training at Beacon Pilates in Beacon New York. Courtney has lived all over the United States experiencing and learning in all areas she could. While growing up in Northern Georgia, She found a passion for basketball, softball and track. In Florida, surfing and kayaking, and in Oregon she added skiing and whitewater rafting to the list. With her love of sports, and a refusal to give any less, she suffered numerous injuries and and a lifetime of pain. Many specialists, doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists later, Courtney was finally diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Shortly after her diagnosis while living in New York she found her Hail Mary with Pilates and has been major injury free ever since. Courtney became a certified Pilates mat instructor in 2016 under Juliet Harvey of Beacon Pilates. During this training Courtney met Kara Dillow of Happy Body. In early 2018 Courtney started her training under Kara to gain her comprehensive certification on all equipment . Courtney has a passion to teach and show people that Pilates can keep your body strong and stable, relieve chronic pain, and help reduce the risk of major injuries. Courtney has a background of varying educations and studies including but not limited to, Horticulture, Patisserie & Baking, Sustain-abilities/ Environmental Biology, Painting and Music. She also has dreams of playing rugby and roller derby, but knows that’s probably not one of her best ideas!


Join Courtney for Private Sessions and Classes!

Springboard (I) - 9:30a
Pilates Mat - 10:30a
Reformer (I) - 11:30a

Upcoming Workshops  

Intro to Pilates
yoga for the nervous system
Intro to Ortho-Bionomy

A great introduction to the work, this class covers the history, principles, and methods of Ortho-Bionomy. Learn various methods to engage the self-corrective reflexes of the body through structural, fluid, and energetic techniques. Cultivate ways to allow the body to respond and increase communication with the whole. This class is part lecture and part hands-on practice.
2-5:00p at Happy Body South