Find your support with February's focus on "Grounding"!

February  |  Grounding 

As we welcome February, we are focusing on the theme: Grounding. What does grounding or being "grounded" mean to you? Do you gain a sense of being grounded through your fitness or wellness practices?

This month, we will be offering workshops that will get you connected to your support systems, your bones, your feet and the ground that supports you. You will learn concepts and techniques to stabilize and connect the body whether you are moving about your day or moving in the studio with us! 

"Grounding is about awakening the cell consciousness of our bones. Bones need vibration and weight to strengthen their vitality (and build more bone!). A few of my favorite bone building activities (in addition to Pilates classes, of course) include listening to drumming music or beating on that empty plastic bucket in the backyard. Swinging a sledgehammer or using power tools are other good resources to enliven our bones. :) Lifting up on to the balls of the feet slightly and then allowing the heels to drop into the floor a few times while standing or marching in place with bare feet can also replicate the vibration bones need to spark their consciousness. Wherever your grounding practices take you, I know your bones will thank you." --Jessica 

Get Grounded by 
Strengthening Your Bones!

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Did you know that Kara Dillow is certified in Buff Bones®?
She is offering a fantastic workshop using bone strengthening and balance techniques along with Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercises to keep your bones and joints healthy! February 16th! Check it out below!

Buff Bones
New Pilates Mat

Thursdays Evenings at Happy Body:

 5:30p Reformer/Tower Combo (I) with Beth

 6:30p Pilates Mat with Beth

New classes start February 7th!

Renee Giles

"A good exercise I love to help me get grounded is to lie on my back, legs extended out, and just do simple heel rocks. It connects me to the Earth, to the back of my body while calming my nervous system."  - Renee,  Happy Body Pilates Instructor

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